Wednesday 23 May 2018

System of coupons better than benefit

Madam – It would be better, more sensible, and more equitable, to totally abolish child benefit and replace it with a system of coupons for baby and child foods and clothes, rather than deprive and discriminate against conscientious hard-working parents.

Workers are already getting a raw deal. They frequently end up with less take-home pay than some on social welfare. Tax, PRSI etc, are automatically, taken from their pay. Allow the wealthy to voluntarily withdraw from receiving child benefit.

For some years, being on unemployment benefits has been very attractive. And it has enticed some, too many, to select it as a career rather than the work ethic of paid employment. It's much easier, and more comfortable to have reliable money coming in every week, free gratis and for nothing, from Social Welfare, than to get out of bed on cold dark, dreary mornings, and then face having to travel to work, and the inconvenience of travelling home again. And the free medical card is a nice little number too.

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