Monday 20 May 2019

Surely someone was keeping records

Surely the Planning Tribunal could could establish the truth in relation to the two disputed AIB 1994 bank lodgements, without resorting to conjecture.

Surely the officials who took in amounts that were highly unusual on behalf of the Finance Minister -- many large bundles of notes, and in foreign currencies -- remember counting the amounts and working out their Irish equivalents, while the person lodging them waited a considerable time for receipts?

Surely, the AIB staff records indicate the names of all the officials on duty that day. In fact, we know that one named official took in a briefcase and returned it empty. Have those officials been interviewed? If not, why not?

Brendan Buffini asks the question, "why a qualified accountant and Minister for Finance at that time preferred to use a method of financial transactions more associated with Chicago gangsters in the 1920s?" (Letters, September 17).

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that Bertie Ahern has not qualified as either a chartered, certified, or public accountant. Bertie Ahern has no accounting qualifications and has never been a fully fledged member of any of the professional accounting bodies, although, incredibly, he has honorary membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

The records of the London School of Economics and University College Dublin show that he was never a student at either esteemed institution.

The only connection with accountancy that Bertie Ahern has is that he worked as an administrator in the Mater Hospital's accountancy department,

Is it too much to expect that he will return to the Mater Hospital after his tenure as Taoiseach is over? The paper trails of fully qualified accountants are easier to follow.

Andrew Lally,
Co Meath

Bags of cash of indeterminate currency, not to say origin. Second versions of presumably sworn, previous testimony. A surrogate bank account. Sums that don't add up. Tony Soprano would have been duly impressed.

Jo Geoghegan,

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