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Support is key for entrepreneurs

Sir -- Exports are critically important (which is why I would never advocate an increase in the 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate).

But Ireland cannot simply rely, in the long-term, so heavily on foreign companies and people -- who account for more than three-quarters of total Irish exports -- to come up with the great ideas and entrepreneurial heavy lifting, and hope that they will base themselves in Ireland for transient tax reasons.

In addition to retaining Irish-based foreign multinational companies, we must allow a domestic culture of entrepreneurship (small and large) to grow and thrive. This will also be where future indigenous Irish exporters will come from.

But in order to develop this self-reliant level of entrepreneurial culture in Ireland, the top rates of income tax, as well as capital gains tax, must be lowered dramatically in order to encourage and reward those who are prepared to take a risk in order to create jobs and wealth in Ireland.

John B Reid,

Monkstown, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent