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Sunshine holidays too risky after our dreadful experience

Letters to the Editor


'The idea of a summer sun holiday is irrelevant and an unnecessary risk' (stock photo)

'The idea of a summer sun holiday is irrelevant and an unnecessary risk' (stock photo)

'The idea of a summer sun holiday is irrelevant and an unnecessary risk' (stock photo)

I’ve just finished watching both episodes of the RTÉ documentary on Covid-19 and it has reinforced two truths.

First, the idea of a summer sun holiday is irrelevant and an unnecessary risk – if anyone doesn’t think this then they really should watch the whole of this documentary.

Second, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all front-line workers – not just for putting themselves in danger, but also for dealing with the mental difficulties associated with uncertainty and death.

We have come through a dreadful experience – almost – but dear God, we can’t do anything that could bring this back on ourselves.

Stay safe and stay the course.

Brian Cullinan

Skerries, Dublin


Victorian street names are part of Ireland’s history

I see a dangerous trend recently stemming from the US, a movement to blot from history people and incidents we find offensive.

Here at home we have otherwise sensible people trying to obliterate things like Victorian street names.

Okay, we don’t like much what Victoria did (or rather her government did) but they are part of what brought us to where we are today.

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If our forefathers had not felt unjustly treated 100 years ago we’d probably be part of the UK today.

History is important.

If we forget our history, we make it easier to repeat.

I suggest that instead of pulling down statues we add to the information on the plaques. He/she did all this, but making plain they were a “cruel slave-owning brute”, or some such.

Pat Browne

Skehard Road, Co Cork


We should be being ruled by our first female Taoiseach

I entirely agree with Matthew Maxwell (Letters, Irish Independent, July 1).

Although a Protestant Englishman, I firmly believe in Irish reunification and that Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin are the person and party capable of delivering it.

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are concerned only in maintaining their own interests, with the Green Party grasping at the fringes.

At least Sinn Féin is consistent in its aims.

Leo Varadkar clings to office as deputy when he should have handed power to Ireland’s first female Taoiseach-in-waiting,  Mary Lou McDonald.

Only Sinn Féin is capable of delivering a reunited Ireland where every child can be elected head of state, unlike here in the United Kingdom.

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, UK


McDonald showed her lack of leadership at funeral

If Sinn Féin ever wondered why it is not suitable to govern this country, its performance at Bobby Storey’s funeral showed us.

Mary Lou McDonald, Michelle O’Neill and Pearse Doherty were leading a large  non-social-distanced parade to Milltown Cemetery.

Could they not at least have worn masks? Or have  they a Donald Trump aversion to them?

Did Mary Lou not want to upset the Sinn Féin hierarchy in Belfast?

Did she not watch the RTÉ documentary on Monday night on the effect of the Covid virus on families and medical staff?

As a leader, you lead. She did not do that in Belfast on Tuesday.

What example is this to the country she purports to want to lead?

As this was happening in Belfast, Louise O’Reilly, SF spokesman on health, was criticising  Stephen Donnelly in the Dáil in his new role as Minister of Health. Such hypocrisy.

Donough O Reilly

Stillorgan, Co Dublin


Civil war parties have let mask slip to show ineptitude

Only in Ireland could the wearing of masks be mandatory, while at the same time being unenforceable.

If this is the ineptitude we can expect from the new government, then it appears we are set for a repeat of the same ineptitude we have suffered at the hands of FF/FG since the foundation of the State.

Anthony McGeough

Kingswood Heights, Dublin 24


Parish pump is working overtime in new coalition

And I thought government ministers were picked on ability, to represent all of the country for the good of all of the country. The parish pump is pumping better than ever, it seems.

Joseph Mackey

Glasson, Athlone

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