Friday 15 December 2017

Suicide is never the answer

Sir — The avalanche of publicity accorded to the economic crisis and the inept way our Government has dealt with it has overshadowed a continuing tragedy that is the cause of greater suffering than anything the recession could ever throw at us: the horror that is suicide.

Increasing numbers of people are contemplating this as their only viable “exit strategy” from a situation that removes for them the will to live. Whatever the issue or the challenge, suicide is never the solution. There are others involved in the equation apart from oneself. Suicide will always hurt the people we care about the most. If we opt for suicide, we punish the innocent, our nearest and dearest, for life.

No matter how desperate one’s predicament appears to be, there is always help available to find a means of coping with it or making it somehow manageable. May I suggest that each of us rule out suicide as an option, realising that, regardless of one’s intentions, there will be many victims of the act? We might also keep an eye out for anyone who we fear may be at risk. Every life is precious, and a decision to end one’s own life must be seen for what it is: a catastrophic and irreversible human tragedy. While not condemning those who have chosen suicide — their memory should be cherished — let’s spread this message: it’s never worth it!

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