Tuesday 21 November 2017

Suicide and Aras

Sir -- I refer to the article by Carol Hunt titled 'The battle for the soul of Ireland' (Sunday Independent, October 9, 2011). I believe that Ms Hunt hit the nail on the head regarding suicide and the role of a new President of Ireland.

Sadly, I have little faith that any of the candidates running for the Aras have any awareness of what it is like to live with depression or worse to be affected by the loss of a loved one to suicide or to feel suicidal. I believe in order to put one's self forward for President one has to have an incredible inbuilt ego and a hardened self-esteem. It is obvious that all of the presidential candidates top the poll with these credentials and good on them. Conversely, if the new President needs according to Ms Hunt 'to show action, not words, on the suicide issue', I very much doubt much will change.

You see as a sufferer of depression myself and knowing first hand what it is like to want to take one's own life -- suffice to say that there is practically zero tolerance or understanding of depression or suicide by the powers that be. While there are excellent people working to eradicate such maladies and help those who suffer from depression -- the fabric which makes for an excellent President is the very same cloth which is all toO often missing for those of us who are victim to that dreaded word 'depression' -- for example, sturdy self-esteem and self-confidence.

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