Thursday 23 May 2019

Students deserve more respect

In response to Maurice Fitzgerald (Letters, March 20), about rich, spoilt brats at university, I would like to defend myself and indeed all my fellow students from what is an obviously misinformed and indeed ridiculous position.

The Irish student body is made up of a diverse, enthusiastic and driven bunch of people drawn from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

Third level students raise hundreds of thousands of euro every year for charity; devote themselves tirelessly to community groups such as Suas, St Vincent de Paul and education in the community initiatives; and undertake the organising of some of the most amazing events, on a voluntary basis.

All of this work is done while often spending 39 hours in the classroom as well as having to work upwards of 25 hours a week in part-time jobs to keep food on the table and books in the bag.

Incidents such as those reported recently in the media were as abhorrent to the average student as they were to others. If, however, you refuse to acknowledge the hard work done by students every day, you are simply blinding yourself to the truth. Students should be praised and rewarded for their hard work, not have to listen to nonsense such as this.

Niall McClave
President, DCU Students' Union

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