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Strong principles sadly lacking

AS A proud Irishman living abroad it is with great sorrow and dismay that I read about the daily shenanigans of our banking and political elite.

It is completely inexplicable to people in The Netherlands and Germany how on Earth such individuals are allowed to get away with what is clearly criminal activity.

It is even more unbelievable that fellow politicians (including the opposition) and the judiciary do absolutely nothing to address this utterly intolerable situation in any meaningful way.

Ireland is currently being viewed here as a banana republic, run by a collection of greedy buffoons, overpaid politicians and criminals, devoid of any civil responsibility.

It is shocking to read of politicians putting the costs of Mars bars and €1 charity donations on their expenses while bankrupt bankers ride around in Jaguars and live in multi-million euro mansions that are in the names of wives who never earned a cent.

Clearly these people have neither principles nor shame, safe in the knowledge that no one would dare to take it away, let alone throw them in jail like Bernie Madoff. Ireland is a great country, much loved by Europeans, that has been milked dry and mismanaged.

One can only hope that somewhere there is a principled, civilminded politician who has the will and gets the backing of the police, judiciary and fellow politicians to make these people touchable.