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Strike not futile

• In respect of your editorial ('ICTU's strike call futile and harmful', Irish Independent November 26), I was affronted by some of the inaccurate content, particularly when it clearly was contradicted by the main article. I have set out below precisely what I did say – all 181 words. Perhaps you will be kind enough to ensure that it is reproduced accurately.

"I'll put this (speech) away, and I'm going to tell you how to get a general strike; and the very first thing you do is you make sure you're in a trade union.

"Are you all in unions? And the next thing you do, is you go back to your work places if you're fortunate enough to have one, and you talk to your comrades and colleagues, and you need to persuade them that it's in their best interests that they need to take industrial action to defend you, them and their class.

"That should be easy. When you do that, you take that motion to your executive council of your union, and you persuade them to pass a motion in favour of doing that. That's easy.

"Do it, and when you do that get your union to put that forward to the Congress of Trade Unions, and it is an irresistible force which congress will welcome. So don't say in one sense you want a general strike. Work for the bloody thing and you will achieve it. Victory for the workers."

Eugene McGlone
President, Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Irish Independent