Sunday 15 December 2019

Strange silence

• What is this strange quiet that has descended? Where is the baying pack of newshounds?

It is not a government minister that has been brought to bay, not a public service executive, not a party leader or challenger, and certainly not a cardinal. No! Even a Vatican edict could not have silenced those dogs more effectively than their being faced with criticising the malpractice of a group of their own colleagues in RTE. Now, after a dutiful and ridiculously inhibited yelp or two, they are snuffling sheepishly in the undergrowth, desperately hoping for some quarry, best of all a bishop, to be startled from the bushes.

Then tally-ho will be shrilly bugled and, with the one accord of groupthink, with headlong rush they will dash mercilessly for the kill.

Frank Farrell
Stillorgan, Co Dublin

Irish Independent

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