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Stop this irrational wind-farm policy

THE headline 'Cabinet at war over demands by Greens -- Walkout averted after "outrageous" content of Climate Change Bill' ('Sunday Independent', January 2) suggests that, finally, Fianna Fail is beginning to realise that its energy policy as manifested in the bill is to satisfy an ideology rather than the needs of the nation.

This policy is wasteful and will jeopardise the necessary revival of our manufacturing industry.

I hope that our opposition parties vote down this bill. We have a surplus of electricity plants after the addition of the new, efficient gas-fired plants.

However, the existing energy policy requires that we waste this capacity by putting it on stand-by so that wind turbines would have priority to supply power when the wind blows.

Wind farms are developing along similar irrational lines to the construction industry that brought the country down.

High subsidies are being offered and the building of wind farms is being encouraged in numerous locations with little regard to their necessity, cost of connecting to the grid and the fact that they are not suited to this country.

Wind farms do not supply power when most needed (cold weather is associated with high pressure and no wind) and we cannot store or sell the excess power. In any case, Britain does not require our excess power, as evidenced by its refusal to invest in the proposed cable link.

If CO2 is causing global warming, then this country is not to blame, with less than 0.2pc emissions to the atmosphere now, no industry prior to 1970 and only light industry since then.

Sean O'Keeffe
Watergrasshill, Co Cork

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