Monday 22 January 2018

Stop the media crusade on pay

Sir -- I am a public servant and have worked in the education sector for almost 30 years. I believe it is high time the anti-public service rantings of various journalists employed by your newspaper were challenged. This well-organised and sustained crusade against honourable and hard-working frontline public service workers has been building to a crescendo in recent weeks. The obvious goal of this campaign is the dismantling of the Croke Park Agreement.

The 'analysis' page of November 27 is a typical case in point. Mr James Fitzsimons, a 'financial adviser', might need to brush up on his financial advice if the erroneous nature of his article on public service pensions is anything to go by. I quote: "How is it possible, without saving anything for your retirement, to get a pension that exceeds what you earned when you were at work?" He later goes on to completely contradict himself by stating that public servants are not paying enough for their pension. So, one minute we're not paying at all, the next we're not paying enough! I would like to inform Mr Fitzsimons that I paid a pension contribution of €746.37 last month.

The public service pension is usually half the retiring salary, provided you have completed 40 years at the coalface! Yes, it is a decent pension but hardly "exceeds what you earned when you were at work".

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