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Stop the bus

How heartwarming in these times of chilling austerity to read Paul Melia's article of December 21 regarding 88 new British-manufactured service buses about to be rolled into service by Bus Eireann.

They will be child friendly, family friendly, equipped with state-of-the-art technology features, mobile phone chargers, power sockets and safety features at a cost of €340,909 per coach! Bus Eireann will fund 28 of these coaches to the tune of €11m and the National Transport Authority (ie, us) will fund 60 at a cost of €19m.

At least one Irish company will benefit -- Botany Weaving will produce the comfort-seat woven covers here in Ireland.

At such an exorbitant cost why no mention of front, side and rear air bags and bio-fuel thrown in as standard?

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