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Stop complaining

Sir -- Being a life-long Liverpool supporter, I sat down last Sunday, in eager anticipation of the clash between Man United and Liverpool in the FA Cup. The referee had to make two difficult decisions in the first half -- one correct and one dubious.

To distract myself from the inevitable slaughter, I turned my attention to the Sunday Independent. I proceeded to read Barry Egan's article on Karla Elliot. I am a kind-hearted person but I was so incensed on reading this that I felt I had to write in to express my anger.

Ms Elliot moans that she has to rear one child on social welfare and is on a housing list. Well, Ms Elliot, welcome to the lives of thousands of unfortunates who didn't whittle away "unimaginable wealth" and are in a similar position through no fault of their own.

Ms Elliot wonders why her story is on the front pages of the newspapers. Does she forget that in the 'Good Old Days' she courted the media with tales of her lavish lifestyle -- Dolce & Gabana, five-star hotels, private jets etc? So many ordinary good people have lost so much, I say on their behalf -- get on with it and stop moaning.

Perhaps, Barry Egan and her celebrity friends who were wined, dined and entertained on a lavish scale might give her a 'dig-out'.

I'm still a proud Liverpool fan.

Patricia O'Riordan

Naas, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent