Tuesday 24 October 2017

Stop bombarding us with gloom

Sir -- I have been in a fortunate position in that I just finished my studies and have been travelling for two months through a number of southern hemisphere countries which are not unlike Ireland. In both beauty and economics, however, the difference between the attitudes of the people in these countries compared to Ireland is startling.

The residents of each of these countries are not bombarded with constant reminders of the economic crisis at every turn; they are not greeted every morning by the latest economic disaster to hit their or neighbouring countries; and they are certainly not depressing their youth into emigration.

While the economic reality of our current state of affairs is somewhat bleak, the world has not ended. We will never be as poor as some of the poorest people in Africa or as rich as the richest oil merchant. Foolish mistakes have been made. These will need to be rectified. We can only hope that the creation of Nama will not be the subject of our next tribunal of inquiry and that the current Government will have more sense in looking at the bigger picture.

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