Saturday 25 January 2020

Stop bankrolling Anglo quagmire

I DO not believe Anglo Irish Bank will be wound down as long as this Government is in power.

The stability of the State is not being protected in my opinion. We're having to borrow heavily and that is putting us at great risk of becoming another dysfunctional economy like that of Greece. It seems ridiculous pumping funding into this financial quagmire and knowing that this money will never be recouped by us the lenders.

Government cronyism and failure to regulate facilitated the recklessness of bankers' lending.

It is not good enough for the Finance Minister to tell us Anglo Irish may be wound down over 20 years. We cannot continue bankrolling a non-profitable institution without serious financial consequences.

Might I ask, isn't it the obligation and responsibility of a sovereign government to make provisions for security of all its citizens and future generations?

Because in my opinion it is we who will suffer from the financial prioritising of Anglo Irish Bank by this Government.

Mattie Greville

Killucan, Co Westmeath

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