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Stoker still not getting deserved recognition

YOUR correspondent Jim Yates (Letters, May 10) makes an apt point that the recent recognition of Dublin as a city of literature by UNESCO has yet to be reflected in any meaningful tribute to the city's literary greats.

He urges the staging of the plays of Oscar Wilde, and his letter is captioned with a handsome picture of the statue to Oscar in Merrion Square.

Oscar Wilde is lucky. Not so fortunate is his one-time college friend and fellow Dubliner, Bram Stoker, author of ‘Dracula’ and other ghostly thrillers and romances.

Up to recently the only commemorative structure to the life of this writer was a plaque affixed to premises at 30 Kildare Street, where he once lived.

This was put up in July 1983 by Dublin Tourism with the support of the Bram Stoker Society. It was unveiled by Bram's grand-daughter, the late Ann Stoker. For many years, the plaque on 30 Kildare Street was a focal point for enthusiasts of Bram Stoker and his works.

Now it has gone. It was believed last seen in late 2008. This letter is in the nature of an appeal for its return or replacement.

The building is owned by Shelbourne Developments and leased to The Hospital Group.

Let us hope that by Bram's centenary, in April 2012, 30 Kildare Street will again carry a tribute to its most famous occupant.