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Statue would split Galwegians

Madam -- Fred Johnston highlights many seemingly unsavoury elements of American politics with which you may or may not agree. What we can all agree on is that not everyone is pro-American, and therefore I will not be calling for the statue of any American figure he mentions to be built in my native city of Galway.

A monument in Galway is for all Galwegians to enjoy. It should be something which will unite us, not cause division. One would think that in order to erect a statue to Che Guevara we would need to have sympathetic leanings towards his cause. Many Galwegians like myself think that a statue to a man who abhorred democracy would be an inappropriate symbol. I do not doubt the conviction of the people who would like to see this statue erected and I do not deny that there is a large body of them. But equally I would expect the same respect. Many people of our fine city do not want a statue of Che Guevara and that should be reason enough not to build it.

A monument to a man like Michael Davitt, a proud Connaught man who used strictly non-violent means, and helped to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish citizens when he founded the Land League, would truly unite Galwegians and give us something we could all be proud of.

Colm Wallace,

Oranmore, Co Galway

Sunday Independent