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State visits . . . Drama . . . Collins . . . United Europe

I have never heard anything so blatantly ridiculous as Mary Hanafin's mother accompanying her on state trips.

The €20,000 involved should be paid back to the taxpayer and the minister should be called upon in the Dail to do so.

It is bad enough a spouse accompanying a government official on a state visit, but bringing a parent is ludicrous.

Next we'll be hearing of ministers wanting to bring their pets with them.

David Bradley
Drogheda, Co Louth

  • It's good to see that 'Roma' is to be screened again as a tribute to the late Mick Lally and important to add that it was commissioned for RTE by Louis Lentin during his time as head of drama.

Lentin was responsible for a good deal of new drama including Maeve Binchy's early work 'Deeply Regretted By'.

He may have ruffled feathers in Donnybrook but it was a golden age for domestic TV drama.

Brian de Salvo
Gorey, Co Wexford

  • Noel Flannery (Letters, October 5) describes Michael Collins as taking over "what became Collins Barracks" from a British general.

The incident referred to took place at the handing over to the Irish Government of the seat of British power, Dublin Castle.


  • When I observe a former Fianna Fail Taoiseach grin from inside a cupboard for an English tabloid it confirms my belief that the party must be put out of office for generations.

K Nolan


  • Congratulations to Europe on a magnificent Ryder Cup victory over the USA. This victory bears testament to what can be achieved by a united Europe in the 21st century.

Ryan Padraig Kelly
Armagh City

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