Tuesday 21 November 2017

State staff not all on 'average' pay

Madam-- While it might seem fashionable to bash the public service and semi-State employees these days (for the record, I am a semi-State employee with Dublin Bus), might I suggest that you do some proper research before publishing articles? On Sunday, October 14, Roisin Burke ('Aviation authority workers get 'average' of €135k'') apparently attempted to engender anger towards a particular group of employees, using the figure above as the representative of the average employee salary. What I suspect you know already is that the "average" figure is brought up by the high salaries of those at the top, some of whom earn close to or in excess of €200,000. This I find to be extremely disingenuous.

The other aspect that wasn't referred to in the article is that the IAA doesn't receive a cent from the State or from the taxpayer. Not a single euro subvention or tax break. It is entirely self-funded from route charges and aircraft licensing activities, and indeed is a net contributor to the Exchequer, through the dividend it pays to State (the State is the only shareholder) and also through tax and USC paid on the salaries of the employees.

Slashing those wages would not save a cent for the taxpayer. It would, in fact, reduce the State's tax take. But why let a simple fact get in the way of trying to sway the mood of your readers?

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