Saturday 24 March 2018

State alters rules to suit itself

When the government cut public service pay, child allowance, community funding, health service funding and made other cuts that affected some of the poorest and most vulnerable people, the public was told that these measures had to be taken because the public finances were in a perilous state and we just could not afford to spend what we did not have. At the time many people were saying that if there were to be cuts in the public service, these should apply to ministers and TDs who were already in numbers that were excessive in relation to the population.

Then we are told that two junior minister positions have been created (when none were required) to be filled by Green Party TDs, resulting in the public finances being depleted to the extent required to pay their higher salaries, and if they stay around long enough, pensions.

It seems that reducing public spending does not apply when, in order to stay in power, the Government has to obtain Green Party support.

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