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Stand up

• It is now very apparent that a major proportion of the Irish population is suffering serious deprivation due to the Government's failure to adequately address the current financial situation.

Innovative and emergency reform is required to rectify an unjust system which is rewarding both bankers and politicians for incompetent performances.

The statement by Finance Minister Noonan that he is powerless to effect any change in the executive remuneration of a state-owned bank borders on the ridiculous.

Both public sector and banking executives are now being paid on borrowed money which is not sustainable. Unless the Government takes emergency action – through powers which are entirely feasible within the Constitution – to protect the health of the nation and its citizens, the long-term repercussions could impose irrecoverable, permanent damage.

The media are keeping us informed on a daily basis and providing details of the enormous pensions and salaries which are being dished out to the undeserving while indescribable pressure is being imposed on families struggling to get through each week with the minimum of food etc just necessary to survive.

There is enough legal expertise in the country to advise the citizens of their rights to force the Government into emergency action before it is too late.

Pat O'Grady
Eastcote Pinner, Middlesex

Irish Independent