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Stag hunting is just barbarism

As a social commentator, Kevin Myers can hardly be accused of being overly endowed with the qualities of either logic or compassion.

Nowhere was this more evident than in his column "Minister, don't make a complete ass of yourself over stag hunting Ban" (Irish Independent, November 16) in which he starts off by rubbishing Green Party policy on the environment as stemming from the Middle Ages, before going on to passionately defend the medieval barbarism that is stag hunting.

If Minister John Gormley does issue a licence to the Ward Union Stag Hunt, then two of what many suspect are facts of current political life in this country will have been proven true.

One, that the wishes of ordinary people count for little when those with wealth and access to the political class start twisting arms.

Two, that if the leader of the Green Party loses his nerve on this issue and grants a stag hunting licence, then sadly the Greens will be exposed for what many people already think they are -- mere window dressing in this administration.



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