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Stadiums . . . Regrets . . . Beg . . . Political pensions

What is Bertie Ahern on about, no stadium as his biggest disappointment? We have two world-class stadiums in Dublin along with many white-elephant GAA stadiums across the country.

You only need to look at thousands of school children educated in prefabs and hundreds of people lying on hospital trolleys among many other things to realise that another stadium is the last thing we need. Someone should tell Mr Ahern that Qatar has oil resources. which make a difference in financing stadiums. Mark Lonergan

Glasnevin, Dublin 11

  • Bertie Ahern's head scratching when asked about his career regrets was most regretful. My biggest regret about Bertie's career is Bertie's career.

You could fill a national stadium with the Irish people's regrets about Bertie's career.

The walls of Bertie's world are quite thick but the walls around his party are about to be rammed by those that remember every dirty trick, blank cheque and piece of waffle.

Declan Doyle
Lisdowney, Co Kilkenny

  • LAST week, Fine Gael talked to European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso about a reduction in the interest rate on Ireland's international bailout funds.

Every Irish person is already enslaved to the IMF in order to cover the failed gambles of the uber-rich. Enda Kenny went to Europe with a begging bowl. Does it get more pathetic?

Anthony Whelan
Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan

  • Our senior politicians have multiple pensions and yet in no other area of public service do people qualify for two or more pensions.

Let's see if the opposition parties really mean it when they say they want to change the way this country is run. Start with yourselves before you ask any more of us.

Dave Collins
Liverpool, England

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