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Square cube . . . Dump fire . . . Passion . . . Green vote

I refer to the article headed 'Buyer forks out €3,150 to crush FitzPatrick's BMW' (Irish Independent, January 25).

I quote, " ... will turn the 3-series vehicle into a compacted square of scrap". It's a sad day when a journalist can't distinguish between a square and a cube.

Eric Maughan
Carrickaboy, Co Cavan

  • I was put out to read about the Kerdiffstown dump fire near Naas.

Unfortunately, the fire can't be put out which is a nightmare for the local residents. So, what "bright spark" suggested incineration and land fill, work together?

Sean Kelly
Tramore, Co Waterford

  • On Monday night I attended a meeting in Portlaoise, addressed by Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

Words cannot describe the power of that speech. This country is losing one of its greatest leaders.

A o Dubhghaill

  • The government of Israel is to express displeasure over a reported move to upgrade the status of the Palestinian delegation in Ireland to a 'mission'.

Would the displeasure be so intense as to abandon their own Embassy in Ireland and return to the diplomatic demarcation that prevailed before they arrived in the 1980s?

Myles Duffy
Glenageary, Co Dublin

  • Regarding commentary on Green Party policies, I noticed that their critics seem to be unwittingly canvassing for them.

For example, MM O Crualaoich (Letters, January 25) writes: "Their policies have enforced very significant costs on the householders of this country, with their carbon tax and ESB increases."

One of the main reasons people vote for the Green Party is because they want higher energy costs, in order to force efficiency and sustainability.

Ciaran Farrell
Bray, Co Wicklow

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