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Spare us hollow lectures, Adams

Sir -- Political parties have published their manifestos and prepared us for more years of cutbacks. However, some manifestos forced me to smile.

Sinn Fein launched its own advice on how to deal with crime. Surely a case of poacher turned gamekeeper.

Then we have a lecture from Mr Adams about treating us all as equals. He rightly points to corruption by some politicians in Leinster House. However, this is hard to take from a man whose organisation is the most corrupt of all. The IRA terrorised the citizens of the Republic for over three decades. It robbed post offices and banks and murdered gardai. His new-found preaching of treating us all as equals rings hollow for the McConville family whose mother was abducted and murdered. Spare us your lectures, Mr Adams. I dread to think that you will ever have a say in running our country.

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