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Spare us Fianna Fail doublespeak

Following last week's Fianna Fail parliamentary party meeting, Sean Connick TD was asked why he thought it a good idea to tax medicines for the poorest of us and he explained thus: "If the Minister for Finance came into me and said, 'Here are the options: I'm going to put a fee on prescriptions or cut the pensions, which would you go for?' I'd say prescriptions."

Clearly, Mr Connick has a problem taxing fit and well pensioners but sees nothing wrong with taxing ill pensioners.

Is Mr Connick simply trying to make the negative appear positive by suggesting that the only options open to the Government are confined to deciding how, rather than if, the poorest are to be levied?

Fianna Fail has raped the country by their ineptitude and, in the fullness of time, the people will pass their judgment on that.

In the meantime, they should spare us the doublespeak.

Jim O'Sullivan
Rathedmond, Co Sligo

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