Saturday 24 March 2018

Sowing seeds of intolerance

BETTER writers than I will no doubt reply in length to Kevin Myers appalling article of July 17, but perhaps you might allow me the space to add my own 'lily livered whinge' to the debate. May I never live in a country where people like Kevin have influence. My next door neighbours are a Muslim family, and a more loving, gentle and caring group of people I have yet to meet.

Their two sons and daughter play on the street and are accepted by all. Their father has worked hard to provide for them since arriving here in the early 90s having fled Iraq and Saddam's secret police. Together we marched to the US embassy on 9/11 and together we prayed in our different ways for the innocent who died that day. Having experienced hardships and cruelty he has at last found a place of peace in an ordinary estate on the northside of Dublin, far from the expensive wilds of the Garden Of Ireland where Kevin resides and from where he sows his seeds of intolerance hoping they grow strong and spread, and they will.

Like me, my Muslim friend and neighbour buys the Irish Independent, so this evening will be difficult for both of us. The debate may or may not be worth having, but the reality is that for Muslims here, today, life just got a little tougher. I understand the economic benefits that accrue to the Independent when Kevin's articles garner widespread attention.

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