Thursday 18 January 2018

Sounds like another 'entitled' fan blowing in the wind

Enjoyed Dublin gig: Bob Dylan. Photo: GETTY
Enjoyed Dublin gig: Bob Dylan. Photo: GETTY
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

David Bradley writes of his disappointment that Bob Dylan didn't talk to the audience in his concert at the 3 Arena on Thursday and concluded Dylan is past his sell-by date (Irish Independent, Letters, May 13). That is a typical sense of entitlement that is so common nowadays.

Firstly, you didn't have to go to his concert, David. You don't have to buy his recent music if you think he is past it.

Secondly, what concert orchestra leader talks to the audience at a classical concert? You go to hear the music. The fact that Dylan doesn't shout 'Hello Dublin' like every other pop performer is a relief. I admire him for being himself. He wouldn't be the genius that he is if he curried popularity in the way you want him to, David. He hasn't and won't be on 'The Graham Norton Show' or have an in-depth interview in the 'New York Times'.

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