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Some new history

•Most people in this country are aware of the past of Martin McGuinness. We do not need the media to continually remind us of the history of this man. It would be of more use to the electorate for the media to inform us of his more recent history, including his current philosophies.

Before we condemn him for his past, consider the following hypothetical scenario: imagine that at the time when England occupied Ireland, instead it was France occupying England.

After centuries of subjugation of the English by the French, the French decide to leave. However, so as to appease the French in England, they retain six English counties.

The French living in these counties rule the roost and the English are second-class.

Under these circumstances and after years of attempting by peaceful means to improve the conditions of the English in the six counties, without success, would any English man condemn an uprising using force? Of course not!

A further point to consider, in the future, will we condemn the prime movers relating to the Arab Spring?

Michael Twentyman
Valentia Island, Co Kerry

Irish Independent