Thursday 18 January 2018

Solicitors are not to blame for fiasco

In your article (Irish Independent, March 8) referring to "reckless incompetent lawyers", you mentioned that the late Alan Ruddock said "the whole edifice of greed and excess was built on legal contracts that weren't worth the paper they were scribbled on. We pick up the tab for their (lawyers') dereliction".

I find it very hard to see how solicitors can be held to account for any of what has happened.

I am a solicitor and my firm does a fair bit of conveyancing. The job of a solicitor, in a conveyance, is to certify the title for a bank. He either does it properly, in which case there is no problem, or he does it badly, in which case he will be sued for negligence by the bank and possibly by his purchaser.

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