Friday 24 November 2017

Soden takes trip to fantasy land

Michael Soden advocates that Ireland relinquishes membership of the EU and seeks to become a member of the US on the grounds that there would be "a consequential massive influx of foreign direct investment and a link to the US dollar" ('Sunday Independent', October 24).

Any person with an intimate and prolonged understanding of what drives and sustains foreign direct investment into Ireland could tell Mr Soden quite explicitly that prostituting national sovereignty is not an influential action.

Foreign direct investors presume that the destination of their funds is imbued with self-respect and self-assurance as well as economic stability. When Mr Lenihan appointed Mr Soden to the Central Bank Commission, was it not for the purpose of contributing to the rehabilitation of our tattered national reputation, rather than providing this man with a pulpit and a megaphone to indulge his fantasies?

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