Saturday 25 January 2020

Soccer pundits wide of the mark

Please allow me to correct several errors constantly repeated by football analysts covering the World Cup.

1. Handball in football is just what the word suggests -- that is: hand to ball, not ball to hand.

2. Once a referee decides to play advantage, if advantage does not materialise he should not change his decision.

3. A player in an offside position does not get penalised for being in an offside position. He is penalised if he takes advantage of being in that position.

4. The intent of a player should not be a consideration for the referee in calling a foul.

5. An accident caused by a player is not a factor in determining a foul.

Just a few of the many incorrect statements made by analysts covering the World Cup.

Vincent J Lavery
Dalkey, Co Dublin

Irish Independent

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