Monday 20 November 2017

Sobering lesson . . . Outed . . . Coveney . . . Off limits

PJ Sheehan is unlucky in his drinking buddies. Did nobody in the Dail bar have the sense to take his keys off him or perhaps there was nobody sober enough to notice just how much drink he had taken? When I go drinking with friends there is a plan on how to get home but perhaps our legislators don't think that far ahead.

SE Lydon
Wilton, Cork

  • With regards to PJ Sheehan saying, "I intend writing a letter expressing my deep personal apologies and regrets to the gardai in question".

Funny how he's only apologising and offering to write a letter now that it has all come out in public. He's had two months to do this if he really was sorry for his behaviour and not just sorry he got outed.

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