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They lied when they told you a fictitious character ran all the snakes out of Ireland. How come he missed Bertie and Biffo snake, the four Mary snakes and all the other snakes who crawl along under the Fianna Fail banner?

James Rogers

Rosslare Harbour, Co Wexford

  • We need to stop believing that either 'new foreign masters' or indeed native celebrity politicians are the saviours of our world. Equally we need to stop believing in the press releases of taxpayer-funded spin doctors telling us that these celebrities, whether foreign or native, are lords of the universe.

We need to insist on knowing, through our media outlets, what the most powerful citizens in the country are doing on a daily basis. We have seen to our cost that if people with power are not held accountable for the exercise of that power they will feel untouchable.

Appealing to foreigners to do the job for us is a red herring. 'We' have to do the job ourselves.

A Leavy

Sutton, Dublin 13

  • In the otherwise excellent obituary of Kevin Boyle by Ruth Dudley Edwards in the 'Sunday Independent', she is wrong in her assertion that early civil rights marchers were aiming for the destruction of the North.

As a participant, our goal was for a fairer society by peaceful means. The destructive forces of the Provisional IRA came later. Regarding that era, Ms Edwards is seeing through orange-tinted glasses.

John Patrick Bell

Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim

  • The proposal to abolish the Seanad in two years is not soon enough. True democracy and cost-saving would be further exemplified in the abolition of councillors and quangos, reducing TDs and cutting TD salaries. The President, too, should have a reduced income. Have I left anyone off my list?

Florence Craven

Maynooth, Co Kildare

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