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Slate, slate show

• If ever we needed evidence that going out on the weekend is expensive, it's the one million people who reportedly watched 'The Late Late Show' on Friday night.

There has been unfair coverage of Liam Neeson's interview. No doubt the tedium of RTE's self-congratulations and of Tubridy's personality caused somebody who leads a busy life to lose interest. Certainly, he always seems fine on Graham Norton's show -- but then nobody gets bored with Graham around. Indeed Graham doesn't insult his guests by grading them in categories of 'specialness'. The number of times that U2 and Bono have been 'surprise guests' makes it more of a joke than something to be anticipated.

I suspect that by Christmas, RTE will have a DVD of its big night, along with more magic moments in the careers of Gaybo, Pat and 'Brian', perhaps in a package with his book about JFK.

SE Lydon
Wilton, Cork

Irish Independent