Saturday 7 December 2019

Slap in face for victims

Sir -- According to sections of the national media, Bishop Willie Walsh is thinking of following the lead of Bishop of Ferns Denis Brennan in asking the people in the diocese of Killaloe to pay for the monstrous crimes carried out by so-called 'men of the cloth'.

Such a move by Bishop Walsh would be another slap in the face for the victims and any person who feels it is their responsibility to help out the church should be reminded they remain the largest landowners in Ireland and the organisation as a whole is estimated to be valued at over €80bn.

Furthermore, any person who is willing to pay for the crimes of rapists (because that is exactly what these people are) should look long and hard in their own moral mirror.

Finally I ask for the 'Catholic flock' who believe in a sky god to take a trip to their local library and ask for Charles Darwin's masterpiece The Origin of the Species, as it will finally answer questions the church cannot and will never be able to answer but yet hide under the banner of 'faith'.

Niall Reynolds,

Quin, Co Clare

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