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Skids put under Michael O'Leary

Sir -- Michael O'Leary's comments regarding Dublin Airport's closure for four hours on December 23 were unnecessary and another example of his attempts to have a go at the DAA. Fair play to Siobhan Moore from the DAA for her realistic and mature response.

She noted Ryanair's own skid off a runway at Glasgow Prestwick Airport and the chaos it caused last year. Dublin Airport remained open in conditions that closed many of Europe's major airports.

Let's be realistic -- the snow is a problem. No matter where you are in the world, weather like this slows things down. We have learned many lessons from last year and we will learn more this year. For now, let's get on with it and appreciate the efforts these workers are putting in to get us safely from place to place. Michael, you were not shovelling snow off the runway so, in your own words, put up or shut up.

Tomas Seale,

Lucan, Co Dublin