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Sir - Re Eoghan Harris's column (

Sir - Re Eoghan Harris's column (Sunday Independent, 2 August): I admire the love of county as much as the next man or woman. Kilkenny, for example, need not go outside the county boundary to find the greatest hurlers we have ever seen (DJ Carey, Richie Power, Eddie Brennan - did I miss someone out here?).

But remember the wonderful final of 2013 when Clare fairly and squarely defeated Cork over two matches with the brilliance of their young players. Who can deny that Clare's victory was happy for Ireland if sad for Cork?

Similarly, how often have Waterford been confined to the Munster Championship because of the brilliance of Cork and/or Tipperary? May we not rejoice to see the true blue of Waterford in Croke Park after so many years of disappointment?

Now Waterford's brilliant young players (another Shanahan, Shane Bennett, Colin Dunford, Austin Gleeson, etc.) can show what they are really worth against the mighty Cats.

I expect Eoghan Harris to do Waterford justice on a future day.

Dr Gerald Morgan, Trinity College, Dublin 2

Cork's North Mon is still open

Sir - Re Eoghan Harris's article (Sunday Independent, 2 August). the North Mon is still very much open - and its Irish section, Gael Cholaiste Mhuire, qualified for the Harty quarter final this year.

Also, "Seanie McGrath" is not a doctor of sports medicine: I believe he holds a Masters in Exercise Science.

Brian Lotty,


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Sweeney is too hard on Cuthbert

Sir - In Eamon Sweeney's article (Sunday 2 August) he triumphantly recall how two years ago he predicted the demise of Cork football following the appointment of Brian Cuthbert as manager saying "the rebels would sink to the level of Meath and Kildare".

Well, last time I checked Meath ply their trade in Division 2 whilst Kildare were relegated to Division 3 this year.

Cork on the other hand finished top of Division 1 and contested the league final.

The personal attack on Cuthbert was way off beam, citing his "flexibility" as the sole reason he got the job and saying this led to a lack of "credibility". He even had a swipe at the manager's own club implying that owing to their lack of success he would never cut the mustard at inter-county level.

And clearly the four seasoned, vastly experienced and respected former Cork footballers who got involved with his management team soon after his appointment, had no issues with his credibility.

David O'Connor,

Carrigaline, Co Cork

Joe Brolly needs to be more positive

Sir - I really am getting fed up of Joe Brolly's articles. Surely the Sunday Independent would like their readers to actually enjoy reading articles by one of the main Gaelic football writers rather than being bored to death by the repetitiveness of Joe's writing?

He bemoans the defensive tactics some teams use without ever suggesting any other sensible way for teams to go about winning the game.

He is obviously a very decent man - but I think football fans would prefer to hear a bit of enthusiasm. As it is, I won't be bothering with his articles any more as I've heard it all before from him.

Darragh Farrell,

Daingean, Co Offaly

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