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Sir - In response to Michael Dryhurst's letter (

Sir - In response to Michael Dryhurst's letter (Sunday Independent, 2 August) may I say that in my opinion Marty Whelan's morning programme is perfectly pitched for the time of morning. It is entertaining and uplifting. Please Lyric FM, don't consider changing this format.

Angie Togher,


Right mix and weight, Marty

Sir, I must write in defence of Marty Whelan's show on Lyric FM which I only manage to catch a portion of each morning.

It is the exact mix and weight for so early in the morning. Well for Mr Dryhurst who has the luxury of turning on the radio at 10am. Some of our jobs don't allow that.

Michael Foley,

Athy, Co Kildare

Moustache and head above the rest

Sir - Having read the comments by Eilis O'Hanlon (Sunday Independent, 26 July) and the ensuing letter published a week later, I am compelled to rush to the defence of Marty Whelan.

What a pleasure it is to listen to Marty in the Morning - or any other time of day in fact.

When it comes to his radio show Marty stands head, shoulders and manicured moustache way, way above his rivals on other stations with their brainless banter.

Marty is a witty and erudite professional and long may he reign. If Lyric were to lose him I trust it would only be to let him host the Late Late - or launch Saturday Night with Marty?

Geraldine Du Berry,

Roscrea, Co Tipperary

He brings us the sunshine

Sir - Your anti-Marty letter writer doesn't know what he is missing.

We have been listening to Marty since he started with Lyric FM six years ago and like to think we have an appreciation for classical music which we credit to Marty himself. Thanks for bringing us sunshine Marty!

Pat, Mary and Eve Duffy,

Limerick City

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