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Sinn Féin has the right to be involved in government talks

Letters to the Editor


Sinn Féin finished second in the General Election. Photo: Arthur Carron.

Sinn Féin finished second in the General Election. Photo: Arthur Carron.

Sinn Féin finished second in the General Election. Photo: Arthur Carron.

The last election elected the following number of TDs to Dáil Éireann, with their respective number of seats being 38 to Fianna Fáil, 37 to Sinn Féin and 35 to Fine Gael.

Why can’t those three parties form a tri-partied government immediately during this Covid-19 emergency, until such time as is required to hold a future general election?

In the meantime, each party to nominate an equal number of 35 TDs to that tri-partied government for voting purposes.

Furthermore, it is unconstitutional in my opinion to deny Sinn Féin from entering talks on the formation of a government, as Sinn Féin finished second in the General Election, having got nearly three times the number of seats won by the Green Party.

Edward Mahon

Dublin 14


Consumers – not politicians – will decide if it’s safe to shop

The bravery of it astounds as “Leo Varadkar decided to overrule public health advice to speed-up his roadmap for reopening the country” (“The plan to speed up exit from lockdown”, Irish Independent, June 6).

Retail outlets, shopping centres and other businesses have been given the green light to open their doors.

Retail outlets, depending on footfall, are now opening, as it were for the first time, and further travel is now possible.

The retail and other businesses will not emerge from lockdown as the result of opening their doors.

Individuals, as customers or workers, will decide for themselves whether it is safe or financially OK to renew their previous habits as drivers of the economy.

The need of our politicians to become relevant and to encourage business as usual presents a dangerous vista to pandemic recurrence for which they will take no responsibility.

Hugh McDermott

Dromahair, Co Leitrim


EU must accept the British have left and can’t be bullied

When we see the German Supreme Court overruling the EU courts it is time to wonder if a German flag of some description should be embossed within the pretty star-studded standard of the existing European expression of power.

The one good thing that’s been happening in the last few days is that Michel Barnier is upset because he feels the UK might be dragging its heels a bit on what the EU shambles sees as “promises” and “commitments”.

What Brussels, Paris and Berlin do not seem to grasp is that Brexit is complete, and Boris and his government have moved on from the EU diktat, and that this British ship of state has sailed into the sunset, with its own flag unsullied.

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co Cork


Greens have shown their true colours with leadership fight

The country is in the middle of an historic crisis.

We haven’t had a government for an unprecedented length of time.

We don’t yet have a fully functioning legislature which can pass vital emergency legislation.

The Greens won an unprecedented 12 seats in the General Election, and now they want to hold a leadership election complete with hustings and debates and with ballots being posted on July 1.

There is absolutely no guarantee we will have a government by then.

And who knows whether Covid-19 will have been suppressed sufficiently to allow the country to fully reopen.

So just what exactly is the national priority here?

I don’t know anyone who thinks that whether Catherine Martin or Eamon Ryan is Green Party leader is a matter of national importance or urgency right now, and I had always thought that what marked the Greens out as different was their focus on policies, not personalities.

The Greens have just set themselves up as the fall guys if the government formation talks fail and another general election is required to resolve the impasse.

How can anyone take them seriously after this?

Frank Schnittger

Blessington, Co Wicklow


Health should come before the economy over shops reopening

I hope that Taoiseach Leo Varadkar doesn’t rue the day that he and his senior ministers decided to overrule the National Public Health Emergency Team, by deciding to lift the travel ban by county and the complete reopening of the retail sector.

This Cabinet does not seem to be too worried about people’s lives.

Séamus Walsh

Clonlara, Co Clare

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