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Silly season

• The Taoiseach was right to refer to the silly season when he finally made an appearance outside Dail Eireann, but he left a lot unsaid.

While the vast majority of workers are subject to the vagaries of a raging recession, with employers cutting jobs and pay just to keep their premises open, a much smaller group enjoys world-class protection provided by the Croke Park Agreement.

This boils down to the power of the public sector unions and the weakness of the Government, and will add at least another two years to the silly season.

At what point will Mr Kenny put the interests of the majority, who voted his party into power, before that of union bosses and some misguided supporters in the Labour Party? Can't he read the signs? Or worse, has he lost interest?

Mr Kenny's inability to act positively will simply accelerate the progress of a resurgent Sinn Fein.

Niall Ginty
The Demesne, Killester, Dublin 5

• Now that we have had ministerial confirmation from no less a person than James Reilly that a 180 degree reversal is not in fact a U-turn, are the rules of the road to be amended accordingly?

R Connelley
Co Galway

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