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'Silly girls' insult is terribly sexist

Not only has Kevin Myers defended the indefensible with his praise of TV3's report on Finance Minister Brian Lenihan's illness, but he has also demonstrated his disgusting sexist tendencies through his remarks about senior female politicians.

Reacting to Social and Family Affairs Minister Mary Hanafin and Labour TD Liz McManus's comments that Brian Lenihan should be left to deal with his health issues in private, Mr Myers calls them "silly girls".

These highly intelligent, extremely competent women have made major contributions to this country in their capacity as public representatives. To dismiss them as "silly girls" is not just an insult to them but to women everywhere.

It seems that Mr Myers's sole motivation is to achieve notoriety. Once a respected journalist, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take him seriously.

Jane Dignam
Ashford, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent