Friday 23 March 2018

Silent tragedy

•One group of sexually abused children who appear to have escaped public attention are the (unmarried) girls under the age of consent who become pregnant every year. That is, of course, since the furore over the X and C cases died down, both of which were cases of statutory rape or unlawful carnal knowledge.

In 1955, 89 unmarried girls under the age of 17 became pregnant. Ten years later, there were 319. Such immature teenagers joined the 'sexual revolution' very quickly indeed.

Between 2000 and 2004, there were just over 3,500, an average of 700 every year -- some of whom would, of course, have delivered over the age of 17. Of these, 662 had abortions in the UK -- well over 100 every year. Because these girls are presumed to have consented to sex, neither the Rape Crisis Centre nor One In Four, nor the general public seem greatly concerned about them. There never has been any question of mandatory reporting of these cases -- and there is absolutely no doubt that abuse has taken place.

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