Sunday 22 April 2018

Signs of the season

Soon it will soon be time to pack away the reindeer and snowmen, Santa figures and penguins and anything else that has now become associated with Christmas for another 12 months until the advertising starts appearing again. As one sign I saw states, it's only 364 days until Christmas!

Despite the usage of pagan evergreens such as holly and mistletoe, the Yule Log named after the Norse god 'Jul' and the ubiquitous decorated pine tree in every home, the claim is made that these are all ways in which to celebrate the birth of the King of Kings.

As millions in the western hemisphere tuck into pork cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon – 'pigs in blankets' – and enjoy their turkey atop a generous slice of gammon ham, it doesn't seem to dawn on anyone that the person they are honouring in their feasting was a Jew, in fact the King of the Jews, and would never have eaten any food items proscribed as unclean by God in the Bible. Not exactly following His perfect example.

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