Saturday 24 February 2018

Signing off . . . Circus act . . . It's a snip . . . No joke

SO Fine Gael would use the bank bailout money instead to create employment. Great idea but I've a better one -- €35bn shared amongst 455,000 unemployed is over €75,000 each, payable if you agree to leave the country and promise never to return. Where do I sign up?

S Grimmer
Schull, Co Cork

  • Our Taoiseach has his fingerprints all over the internal financial crisis and continues to be disconnected from the Irish public. His position is untenable after the ridiculous circus of last week. We need more than ever a leader with the qualities of a statesman to instil confidence at home and abroad. There is a need to engage in the democratic process and oust the political gentry and seek a higher standard of governance.

J McEvoy

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