Sunday 17 December 2017

Show respect for choice of suicide

Sir -- John FitzGerald (Dec 12) is wrong to say suicide should never be an option, as for hundreds of people it quite clearly is and we belittle their memory and the turmoil they went through by denying the validity of their choice.

All of us who have experienced the suicide of a loved one have wondered what we could have done and we feel a more pronounced grief than if the death had not been so sudden.

For the loved ones left behind, the question we need to ask is if it is the death itself that upsets them or the fact our loved one had a violent death. When a loved one dies from an illness, usually 'borne with dignity' or 'after a brave battle', we accept some solace in the fact their suffering is at an end. Why can't we do the same for those whose death is by suicide?

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