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Show glorifying our boozing is a disgrace

In this day and age when our culture is facing real and very serious problems from alcohol through massive binge drinking and underage drinking, why does TV3 insist on promoting and glorifying our ridiculous culture of alcohol abuse by showing this programme 'Boozed Up Irish Abroad'?

The amount that Irish people drink should be something shameful, not something we wear around like a badge to promote ourselves. The programme description this week read: "The first programme in a series exposing the antics of Irish holidaymakers in Crete and Majorca to discover whether their reputation for drinking and partying hard is well earned."

Campaigns like drinkaware.ie are going out of their way to try and save our society from drowning in alcohol and to prevent our current crop of teenagers and young people from becoming complete drunken wasters and alcoholics.

TV3 is moving in the completely opposite direction to drinkaware by airing this.

It's just a disgrace that TV3, one of our main national TV stations, even considers airing this rubbish.

The people that really need a good kick are the producers who choose to make these programmes and record our young people making a fool of themselves. It clearly shows TV3 cares more about money than their role as a positive influence on Irish society.

Shame on you.

David O'Connor
co wicklow

Irish Independent