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Should he stay, or should he go?

• I am writing to you in response to Tony Ward's argument that it is futile to sack the coach as the problem is the lack of quality players, and not the man himself.

I find Mr Ward's attitude dismissive to people who have come to their beliefs (some sooner than others) based on their knowledge and understanding of the game. These people are involved in the game every week on a voluntary level at junior and senior levels. These people will pay for tickets, jerseys and ultimately buy papers and pay the TV licence, which ultimately reimburses Tony for imparting his considerable knowledge of the game on those less fortunate.

Tony nonchalantly rejects the correct calls to have Declan Kidney removed from his post. These calls aren't based on the man's personality as we do not know the man personally, but rather based on winning percentages (or lack of) and the fact that there is no consistent planning, game plan nor development of the international side.

The international team's fall has coincided with an unprecedented dominance of European Club rugby by Irish teams.

We play outdated tactics, using only some players who regularly dine at Europe's top table.

Four years after Declan took over, we find ourselves in exactly the same situation, with a 40pc win ratio against the top eight test teams in the last two or three years. We may stay in the last eight for seeding of the next World Cup but that will be down to Scotland's inability to take our place and nothing else.

Rory Brennan
Address with editor

Irish Independent