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Shane Ross is a national treasure

Sir -- Congratulations once again to that prince of financial journalists, Shane Ross. Last Sunday's back-page feature where he unveiled the 'independent' report of the Credit Review Office (headed by career banker John Trethowan and overloaded mainly with other bankers) on the much-needed financial help to small businesses seeking to create jobs was investigative journalism at its very best.

The shameful fact that the CRO refused to give the names of its members to its bete noire is an indictment of its work and its decisions. And to think it is billions of taxpayers' money that has enabled our bankrupt banks to get up and running again.

I sincerely hope that every government minister read Shane Ross's column last week and has the guts to overrule many of the CRO's decisions.

Our Mr Ross is a national treasure. Pity he didn't run for the office of President -- but then without his weekly column in the Sunday Independent, the fat cats would have a field day!

William Rocke,

Artane, Dublin 5

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